Monday, November 1, 2010

I Follow Orders Well

The request was simple.  He wanted his own blanket. 
One in manly colors with no holes!
That meant no granny squares.  :-(
I acquiesed.....slowly. 
It seems I'm rather taken with crocheting in circles.
Eh....maybe it's because I'm a dizzy blonde
and am genetically predisposed to dizzying routines.

So, the son got what he wanted. 
A blanket with no holes.
Which required crocheting back and forth (yawn).
I did add ripples to keep me awake.
And I did finally finish......TA DA!!!!!

So there it is.....the finished product!!
It turned out to be a lot wider than I thought.
I didn't realize this until I tried to photograph it. 
Hence the reason that it took so long!

So now that is it done, kid.....
You can come and get all......

1 comment:

Andrea... said...

Gorgeous! The colours are great. I love ripples.