Monday, November 8, 2010

Scrumpdelicious! (Is This Even A Word????)

Last week as I was perusing Facebook (something new!) I noticed that my daughter was spending a day baking......One of my most favorite things to do!!  According to one of her status updates, she was making chocolate chip pumpkin cookies and pineapple banana bread.   Ooooooo.....pineapple banana bread!!!!  Just the very idea of pineapple and banana together was enticing.  So, out I went, into internet surfdom to find such a recipe.  I supposed I could have asked for her recipe.....but who am I kidding....I'm way too impatient to wait!!!  I had to have it NOW!! 

So I went to one of my favorite recipes sites and found this recipe.  Now I did make a couple of changes because I am one of those annoying people who likes to tweak every recipe I see.  So, instead of two cups granulated sugar, I split it up and used one cup brown sugar and one cup granulated sugar.  I added some extra sugar (no exact measurement just threw some more in!). 

And Voila!  This is what I ended up with......

Looks good......and how did it taste??  Yummy!!!  It was the best banana bread I have ever made.  The pineapple really added so much to the flavor and the texture.  Loved it!!  Thank You Amanda! :-)

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