Monday, November 29, 2010

And So It Begins.......

The most wonderful time of the year!!!  Yes it is!  I know, there are many people who might disagree with me but I so love the Christmas season and this year I will love it more.  Why you ask?  Because I will actually have time to decorate, shop, and bake.....and to just enjoy the season as it should be enjoyed.....without stress! 

Of course, the season really begins at Thanksgiving.  And it was a very good one. 

We began the day with a hike. was cold!!!!  Colder than these old Arizona bones are used to!!  As we made our way up the canyon, the wind was blowing in our face.  My face was frozen, my eyes were watering, and my nose was snotting up (How's that for graphic????).  But when we got to the other side, we were treated to this beautiful view of downtown Phoenix.

I know, it may not seem like much but around these parts it is a big deal to have a clear view of the city without a big brown cloud.  The wind just blew it all away......

Luckily it warmed up (well, somewhat) and we were able to comfortably enjoy the rest of our hike. 

Judging from my husband's attire, you probably wouldn't think it was very cold....but it was.  And I was the one more appropriately attired for the weather :-)

Our five mile hike (and the additional five miles I put in around the kitchen) entitled us to our fair share of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie.  I was extremely thankful to have both my children home for Thanksgiving.  I was NOT thankful for the fact that my SD card in my camera ended up with a so called "fatal error" meaning I was only able to upload a handful of photos from the Thanksgiving feast.....and they weren't the best photos :-(   Here is probably the best of them.....

Yes, the best one was with me looking like I'd been on my feet for the past five hours.  Marvelous!!!! 

And after spending all that time making Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, I celebrated the day after in a most fitting manner....

I spent 45 minutes in line to purchase a Christmas Tree at Kohl's.  Yes, I am just a little short of crazy (or maybe just full blown, who knows....) but it was a 7 footer with 800 lights and it was only $70.  Oh, and I got the last one.  Hee hee.....many people coveted that baby but it was all mine!! 

Yes,  and I am enjoying the season just as it should be enjoyed!!!

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Jody said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Wendy
I'll definitely be checking out the trees at Kohl's, thanks :)