Sunday, August 30, 2009

A day (or two) at the Races

Our first two days in California were spent at Del Mar.....
"Where the surf meets the turf....."

Anyways, here I am posing
in front of the paddock and imaging myself....oh...
in the first weekend of May looking pretty much the same

except there will be tall spires in the background and a mint julep in my hand :)
Can you picture it?? Anyone? Anyone?

Well I'm enjoying that visual, but for this day
I had to settle for Del Mar
and a Grade I Breeder's Cup qualifier (not thatI was complaining...)

We spent only a half day there on Saturday

and we spent most of that time
getting to know the bartender
who was stationed just outside the Red Star Cafe.
We learned that his name is Brian
and that his real job is as a history teacher at a local junior college.
We also learned he makes a pretty good margarita!!
The second day most of our time was spent at the paddock
where Russell accessed our choices for upcoming races......

And kept an eye on Christina Olivares :0

Overall we didn't do to bad....pretty much broke even.
I did win on the first race on Sunday.
(It was a gray horse....go figure!)
Hopefully our luck will be better in May at Louisville :)

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