Monday, August 31, 2009

California Day 4: Pizza Port

We are creatures of habit.....Seriously!
When we go over to California, we hit the same beaches, same restaurants, same hotels....
Pretty much the same everything.
I think we just find what we like and we stick to it. day, about nine years ago we were doing a little coastal drive and
decided that it was time to look for some grub.
This was a little tough because, as I mentioned before,
we really aren't very adventurous about trying new places (or at least I'm not!).
Well, it was that day that we stumbled across this place.....

and have continued to return every year!!!

Now it was not the fact that it was a pizza place that cause me to pull over rather abruptly. was the term "beer" that drew my attention. 
Since I am a good wife I know that any place that prominently promotes
itself as a place where there is beer, and lots of it, is going to be a hit.
The fact that there is handcrafted beer got me extra bonus points!!

So, anyways, after a day at Torrey Pines beach,
we headed up to Solana Beach and feasted on this...

The yummy Pizza Lahaina!
Now I have friends who would find this very gross
because it has the dreaded pineapple on it but I love it!
In the years since we started going to Pizza Port
the handcrafted beer selection has expanded
from like four choices to about 20 choices.
Like a kid in a candy store or so I told by the family beer connoisseur.
I couldn't tell you anything about them because....ahem....
I don't drink the stuff.
I know...I'm a loser just never developed a taste for it.
Well, that was day four...
Night four was the Padres/Cubs at Petco Park.
More to come.....

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