Saturday, May 2, 2009

Horse, Paper, Scissors

Today, many of my fellow scrapbookers will gather to spend an entire day of putting together pictures with pretty paper. They will gather, socialize, and catch up on some long overdue pages. Me? Well...In a twist on the Rock, Paper, Scissors game where Horse replaces Rock.....Horse won.

I will don my cute little hat and head to north Phoenix where I will close my eyes and pretend there are steeples around. I will surround myself with the strains of "My Old Kentucky Home" and mint juleps. Yep, I will gather with a few thousand others in the Valley of the Sun at Turf Paradise and celebrate what the second Saturday in May has meant for 135 years. It's Derby Saturday!!!! So I won't be scrapbooking. Instead I'll just tick off all the PETA people in the world.

For the last couple of weeks, my husband has been analyzing the field. Making up charts and everything! Seriously! Me....well I have a more scientific way of determining the winner.

Him: Who are you going with for the Derby?

Me: The gray horse.

Him: Why?

Me: Because it's gray. ;)

Now my husband has assured me that the gray horse, otherwise known as Dunkirk, is a very good pick. So I'm going to pair him up in an exacta with a horse that I was destined to wager on. I mean, for the love of all things chocolate, how can I pass up on a horse named Chocolate Candy. Really!

So I'm ready to head watch the most exciting two minutes in sports....(well,'s going to be on TV) and maybe I'll even sip on a Mint Julep :0.

Wish me Luck!!!!!

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