Monday, April 13, 2009

R.I.P. Bird

Every now and then a news story breaks that instantly takes me back to happy memories of simple times. Unfortunately the news is usually not good. Today is one such day. As I was watching the Cubs doing a pretty good job handling the Rockies on a very damp Chicago day, the announcers brought sad news that instantly brought to mind the All Star game, 1976, Philadelphia.

There, on the mound for the American League, was this gangly looking character who was extremely colorful in his preparation for each pitch. They called him the Bird. He even posed on the cover of Sports Illustrated the the Big Bird himself!!

I remember being so taken with his was much of the country. How he would walk around the mound talking to himself would just make me chuckle. I thought he made a somewhat boring game to me at the time so interesting and so entertaining. I'm sure that people who never watched baseball tuned in just to see him.

Well today brought news of his passing. An accident they say. While he was working on his truck. He was only 54.

And with the news, the memories of one of the main characters when the game of baseball captured the heart of this girl.

Rest in Peace Bird......

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