Friday, May 8, 2009

A New 'Do and Dental Humor (If there is such a thing)

I'm in between dental appointments right now so I thought this would be a good time to do a blog post. So what's new? Well I'd like to say I had a vision on Saturday morning that the derby winner would be a 50-1 longshot and I made off with a boat load of winnings. But no, that did not happen!!! Although one of the guys in our group did bet on Mine the Bird just on a whim and made off with 1000 smackeroos!! This would be Exhibit 1 as to why I will never win big. I am way too conservative.

Well that brings be to the most exciting thing (in my boring life) of the past couple of weeks. I finally went to my hair girl and got a new 'do. Oh, and some coloring too. The gray was becoming too dominant on my head!! So, here is the new me.....

The new look past the most important husband really liked it. He said (and I quote), "You look younger." This made me chuckle. When I pointed out the picture of this haircut to the younger hair girl, her response was...."That's an old lady cut." Misty, my young friend, it's just a matter of perspective. :)

In other news, I have a dental appointment in , oh, about 40 minutes. My crown came out this weekend while eating my share of a brownie sundae (yeah I thought I'd bit on something a little too hard!). I went in this morning and the dentist decided he was going to have to do more than just replace the crown :( UGH!! So I'm going back for a longer appt. I did get a chuckle this morning as he was looking at the displaced crown. I had looked at it earlier in the week and noticed the inside was dark. I thought, wow, that's a lot of cement. Well, it wasn't cement....
The doc was looking at it and said "What is that in there?" He said it with that lilt that made me think "Uh oh!" My mind started racing...what did I do? Then it dawned on me....I little piece of brownie was inside the crown....and it's been there for the last six days!!!! GROSS!! I'm betting my dentist just loved that!! Glad that crown is not going back on my tooth.

Well got to head out to see the torturer...i mean...the dentist. Smiles everyone!!

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