Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Morning....

I woke up with the sore throat from hell and a general feeling of impending (flu) dom. This shouldn't be a surprise since the flu germ has been just a cubicle away for the past two weeks.
It did ruin my Saturday plans though.
I had a wonderful 10-mile stroll through the desert planned.
Then I was going to have some fresh squeezed oj afterwards (yum!!).
But, instead, I laid there in bed wondering if I should push the envelope and go anyway.
I decided not to go which is a good thing since I got progressively worse through the day.
So I just soothed myself with a jamba juice and scrolled through my 100s of e-mails.

I really feel bad for anyone who legitimately sends me an e-mail.
I hate even looking through my e-mails because 99% is spam.
I think I only got two e-mails from anyone who matters.
So I'm thinking it's time for a new address....only for those who truly matter (A.K.A. No Spammies!).

Time to drag my aching body to the bed for a good rest......

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