Monday, March 30, 2009

Just A Bunch of Random Stuff!

**Right now I am in hurting status. We did an 11-mile hike on Saturday and I am hurting. Today I am still nursing a sore back and my ankle is aching from the little twist I took on the trail. I don't know what happened because I usually do not feel this bad after a hike. I'm thinking that I probably should not have worn my brand new hiking boots and insoles for an 11-miler. I guess I learned my lesson!

**I wound down my weekend by watching movies, reading, and doing as much cleaning as my sore back allowed. We watched the Sex and the City movie for like the sixth time. I recently took the Sex and the City quiz over on Facebook. You know the one.....the personality test to determine which girl I would be. I turned out to be Charlotte. Pretty surprising considering the fact that I stay away from seeing anything through rose colored glasses! Oh, and I could never picture myself telling Big (much less anyone) "I curse the day you were born!" Just not my style.

**I'm finding the fourth week of the Lenten fast to be a bit challenging. On Saturday, after the painful hike, I was dying for a margarita. On Sunday, I'd given anything for a Three Musketeers bar. And today, I wondered if I could just sneak a small latte without anyone knowing ;) "sigh" I know this is a time for fast and repentence but right now I'm just praying to God for a little self control. Oh, and perhaps a big slice of chocolate cake!!!

**I'm trying to wrap my head around the term "Man-Made Disaster" in place of "Terrorist Attack". Hmmm......For some reason, I don't think the sting of 9-11 would have been any easier if it was called a Man-Made Disaster. Nor do I think it changes the hearts of people who wish ill will on us. Just sayin'.
**I'm just not feeling American Idol this year. I don't know what it is. Perhaps, I've just grown tired of it. Or maybe it's because this year (like last year), the judges have seen fit to make sure that in the first week, we all know exactly who they think should be in the finals. So, if I base it on their better judgment, I can just save myself a couple of hours each week and tune into the finals to watch Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey battle it out. You know, kind of like the two Davids from last year. But with my stubborn nature (and my tendency to always root for the underdog), I'll continue to watch and hope that Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, or the little red headed girl (sorry, her name escapes me) give 'em a run for their money!

**My March Madness brackets were totally shot to hell this weekend, no thanks to Louisville. Although I was glad to see Arizona get to the Sweet Sixteen, I didn't have them getting past the first round (My husband had more faith). Yep, I had Louisville winning the whole thing and up until yesterday, I was at least smoking the Prez in the brackets. It felt really good while it lasted :).

**Any last (and most importantly.....) there are officially 6 days, 23 hours and 4 minutes to Opening Day!! Yeah! GO D-BACKS!!!!!!!!

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