Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Week and (A Half).....In Photo Review

This made me happy.......

One of my co-workers sent me this very..ahem....
enticing birthday greeting.
I wonder how they got Patrick to put this together for me

This made me sad.......

Last Monday was the last day for this place.
A sign of the bad times.
No more "Mary Margaritas".
I spent many a happy birthday at this place.
I know....it's a chain....but I frequent places
more for the people (and right now low prices!)

These were yummy........

I made some of these for a friend's fundraiser

And I bought these......

Right now I am on sugar overload!
And the last thing.......
A really cool birthday present.....

My coworker and I have been hooked on Nie
Everyday we check for the latest post.
And one of the things we both love
are the silhouettes she has made.
Deb loved them so much she made me one
for my birthday.
Really would have loved to have my double chin
photoshopped and I really wish I had a longer neck.
Otherwise I absolutely love it!!
Pretty crappy photo though doesn't do it justice.
Remembered to turn off the flash....
Forgot to turn off the light in the room (DUH!).
And that is my week (and a half) in a nutshell!!
Got lots of crocheting and scrapbooking done.
Those will be my next photos.
Good night for now....
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