Friday, February 17, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along....

This is what I spied this morning.
As I sat was sitting at my currently familiar spot at the kitchen table. 
Furiously working on calculus equations. 

My dog and my cat lying on the couch (yes, they are allowed to lie on the couch!).....
No growling.  No hissing. 
Co-existing in the world. 
And I am relatively certain they do not see that world in the same way. 
I thought it was a perfect metaphor for us humans. 
Yes.  Cats and dogs don't always get along. 
But they do find a way to co-exist peacefully and civilly. 
I really wish that we were better at it sometimes.....

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday! 

1 comment:

Pammy Sue said...

Sweet! I like the blanket too.