Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Big Honking Book

Last Friday, I went to the bookstore to pickup the textbook for my next math class. 
And this is what I found on the shelf. 

One big honking book! 
I was so taken back that I looked around at all the shelves to make sure this was the one I was supposed to get.   It was the right book (insert heavy sigh....). 
Then I started rethinking the whole Calculus thing. 
Maybe I don't need to take Calculus at all. 
But wait....if I want to teach it I'd better have more than a passing knowledge of it. 
So I relented.  I bought the book. 
And it was so heavy that after I put on my front passenger's seat it set off the seat belt alarm. 
I had to belt my book in!!!!!! hahahahaha! 
Nah...I just put it in the back seat instead. 
I was also thinking that I could do some Killer Mary Katherine Lunges while holding the book it is that heavy. (sorry, P90X joke there).  Or maybe I'll absorb the information from the book through osmosis while exercising.  No?  Oh well.  
Just know that each time I look at this book I think.....
Heaven help me. 
I'm going to need all the help I can get. 
If, for no other reason, just to carry the thing!

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