Thursday, February 16, 2012

Girls Night

Last night was Girls Night Out. 
No boys allowed. 
I'm sure they're (the boys I mean) very happy about this ;-) 
Anyways, the occasion was my birthday which actually was last week. 
But we were finally about to get our schedules coordinated and get together last night. 
The night included margaritas, cheesy fattening nachos, and ALOT of laughing....
It was such a good night. 
By the end of it we determined that alot has changed since we were in our twenties. 
One thing in particular....
When we were in our twenties we were drinking three margaritas and one glass of water.
Now, in our forties and fifties, it's one margarita and three glasses of water.  
Oh, well....
We still look damn good ;-)   

1 comment:

Pammy Sue said...

Yes, y'all do look damn good! Happy belated Birthday! XOXO