Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Charlie Brown Christmas????

So on Saturday we set up our new Christmas tree and once it was up we were a little....ummmm.....depressed.   You see, last year our tree looked like this......

It was very pretty.  Nine feet tall and very full.  The thing is.....pulling this thing out to set up was a major undertaking.  We both got a pretty good workout pulling it out of the garage and setting it up.  And for a person just a sneeze over 5 feet tall, decorating it was quite the challenge.

So after last I decided.....ENOUGH!!  It was on it's last legs anyways.  Lights were going out and besides, I was tired of practically scaling it in order to put the topper on.  It was time to downsize and this was the result....

Ummmm....yeah.....quite a difference.  And this picture really does it justice.  In person, this tree is really wimpy!!   All I could think of was the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. 

Well I guess I've been a very spoiled girl.  I think I'll look on the bright side.....it should be a snap to take down :-D

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