Saturday, October 16, 2010

Criminal of the Week!

Here in the Phoenix area there is a morning talk show host who has a segment of his programs dedicated to the criminal of the day.  He tells the story of one of the many stupid criminals there are.  Well here at Casa de "Z" we had our own little criminal.  Or so my husband says.  Here is how things went down Tuesday night. 

At approximately 8 p.m., he informed me that we had just been the victims of criminal activity.  The crimes?  Criminal damage and theft.  I then got a tour of the crime scene. 

The first area was the cat box.  Roughly three-quarters of the kitty litter was out on the floor.  We quickly surmised that the culprit was a purveyor of scooby snacks.  I know......gross, huh?  Which is why there will be no photo.  This would be the criminal damage.

The second are was my craft room where I had been working on a halloweeny type decoration.  Well this is what it looked like after the perp got a hold of it.....

I called this a criminal damage.  Mr. Z insisted that it was a theft.  A theft of candy corn.  Hmmmm......

The criminal in question??????

This scruffy (note: badly in need of a grooming) little urchin.  Momma left the gate open and he went for a stroll around the house.  What gave him away?  Could have been the proud as a peacock prance after he thought he got away with it!!  No...he didn't.  He was just promptly placed back behind bars (fitting) where he could be chastised and monitored for a candy corn overdose. 

So there he is......our criminal of the week.  Just hope this does not become a weekly event!!

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