Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Have to Say....I'm a Little Disappointed

Ever since I was old enough to vote, I have always registered as an Independent. I'll admit it....I just cannot make up my mind. Too conservative makes me mad and too liberal just makes me ill. Anyways, since I am registered as an independent I am used to getting all those recorded telephone messages from both sides begging me for my vote. Some people are annoyed by them but I actually get a little chuckle out of them. Especially when they are from the presidential candidates. In 2004, true to form, I got messages from both George Bush and John Kerry.

This year, well, I waited and waited, and then finally it happened yesterday. After we got back from the hospital, I saw we had a message on the machine. I played it and sure enough it was John McCain. Our machine plays so loud that Russell could hear it in the bedroom. When I walked back into the bedroom, he gave me a quizzical look through the fog. Oh dear....It was just John McCain ringing us up...thought he'd just check in.....

Since I got the call from Johnny, I was next expecting the phone call from Barry. So I waited.....all last night. But no call came. I was very disappointed. I really wanted to hear Barack Obama groveling for my vote just as everyone else has. Not that it would matter....but I kind of liked that personal touch ; ) Oh well....maybe next time. He probably figured he didn't need me anyways since he's predicted to win in a landslide.

Anyways, Russell and I got up early to vote. He didn't get much sleep last night so he wanted to get out and get 'er done so he could try to get some sleep. The polling place wasn't too bad. At least it was much better than 2004. But we still had to wait an hour. I felt so bad for my husband. He was miserable! And, of course, as we got towards the front of the line there was that one person who wanted to cut in (don't even get me started there!).

Here's a little hint on how we voted (in case there was any doubt!).....

The rest of the day will be spent relaxing....especially for Russell. He's just having a tough time getting comfortable right now. I did manage tocapture him in one of his sexier moments yesterday....

Those TED stockings are just dead sexy! I don't think he will be too happy that I posted this....but I what can I say....I just couldn't help myself.

Well I'm outta here. TTFN!



LoRi said...

poor russ!!!
Go Obama!
Love you!

Sandy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I too sometimes worry about the too conservative issues with Repulicans and I am a Repulican. However I don't agree with the Democrats so I've never registered Independent.

I voted McCain too and I'm looking forward to seeing how fast Obama can get these changes in place he's harped on for the past year. If "yes he can" then get up and do. That's my new motto.