Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Wonderful World of Blogging

Let me begin this post by saying.....that I hated the first grade. 
I have absolutely NO good memories of the first grade.
I know what you're thinking.  What on earth does this have to do with blogging??????
And how do I have such a clear memory of first grade at such an advanced (cough, cough) age? 
Well, it really has nothing to do with blogging except that whenever I go through on of my extended blog breaks, when I debate about whether I should continue blogging.......
One of the things I think about is the first grade. 
You see, my first grade experience in Southern California in 1967 had quite a lasting impression.
And I am certain that it was completely different from my children's experiences in the 80's and 90's. 
This is because my overwhelming memory of the first grade was the little chat my mother had with me after a certain parent/teacher conference. 
It was not a pleasant chat. 
During the parent/teacher conference, my first grade teacher told my mother that I was a little too full of myself. 
Hmmmm....yes, I did not have a whole week devoted to me and how special I was. 
Like my children did. 
Instead, in 1967, I was reminded how utterly not special I was. 
Not a bad thing really because, lets face it, the affectiveness of holding our children in such high esteem is now being questioned.  Such as whether we made them ill-prepared to deal with the fact that everyone else thinks they are special too. 
Anyways, I digress.....and you're probably still wondering what on earth this has to do with blogging. 

Well, as I ponder why I blog and whether I should continue to blog I think about that first grade teacher (I am purposely not naming her).
 I wonder, if she is still around, what she thinks of this new world 44 years after reporting about this attention needy six year old.  Did she change her mind?  Or does she throw up her arms in disgust as she laments about "kids these days"?  All those kids who will do anything to be famous if just for a few minutes.  They'll even do the dumbest of things on reality television. 
I wonder what she would think of this blog. 
I spend more time that I would like wondering if I real do this blogging thing because I'm an attention whore.
 Or maybe because I think I have some little pearls of wisdom that I can impart on an unwitting world that did not know what it was missing before I came along.....yes, that was a joke! 
I would tell you that I blog for no one but myself because I like to write and because blogging provides me with a cyber outlet for something I have enjoyed for years. 
That is partially true.  I do blog because I love writing. 
But let me be honest here.....I really hope that people enjoy what I have to say.  And come back. 
And I secretly hope that all you creative types will gush over my crochet and scrapbook creations....no matter how "so-so" they are. 

Yes, I am exactly what that first grade teacher said....a needy little snot who is a bit full of myself. 

I'm just a 50 (almost 51!) year old version of that little girl. 
And I'm going to keep blogging.
If nothing else, my children can read it to me when I'm in an old folks home as a way to spark my memory (a la The Notebook). 
Hey, at least, it will serve some purpose....someday. 

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Stephanie Howell said...

i really like your blog. i wish i knew how to crochet like you can...but i've never been much good at anything but papercrafting. hope your resolutions are still going well.i've always wanted to try p90x but it terrifies me. s