Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Thing About Resolutions

......or a better woman.
Anyways, this will probably be my mantra for 2012. 

Let's's already January 5th. 
And I have already completely bombed on most of my resolutions. 
Yes, I generally make more than one.
And I have never been a person who just refused to make resolutions
because "I'm not going to keep them anyways." 
I always have hope. 
Hope than I can be better. 
And that's saying alot for a 50 year old woman.
Because let's face it I have had plenty of time to become jaded,
and trust me, there are many areas of life
where I am very, very jaded. 
But not in the area of self betterment . 

So what were those resolutions. 
Well there are the typical eat better and exercise more.
(Isn't this everyone's resolution????)
So far, this one has not been too bad. 
Started P90X2 on Jan. 2.
Started eating lighter and cutting out sugar...
(Well, at least until my birthday....)
Which probably led to the sputtering out of another resolution.
Or at least a slow start at it. 
That resolution is to procrasinate less.
Well (insert heavy sigh here)....
Going cold turkey in the no sugar department = Very grumpy old woman. 
Very grumpy old woman = I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING cuz I'm mad at the world. 
This led to putting off my "easy" Trig homework until the very last day.
Turns out it wasn't so easy. 
What usually is a few hours of work turned into a day long ordeal.
And a major meltdown. 
I got it down....but all I wanted to do at the end of it was eat a giant sized Hershey bar. 
Don't worry I resisted....
Instead I had a glass of wine. 
The healthier alternative!

The other resolutions? 
To be more organized, get more projects down, and to be a more consistent blogger. 
Hmmmm.......not so good, so far.  
But like I said, I always have hope! 
So, here's the thing.....I'm starting again.  
January 1st and come and gone.  
But that does not mean that the opportunity has passed.  
So I'll just start over again.  
And maybe again.  And again.  
After all, I'm always still working on being a better man, er, woman.  

Happy 2012! 

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Pammy Sue said...

Here's to hope! And happy belated birthday!