Monday, August 15, 2011

Coffee & Parabolas

Two weeks of no blogging. 
Two weeks of mornings that started just like this......

Sorry if I frightened anyone with mathphobia ;-)
But I am in the middle of a College Algebra class. 
It's a bit of a refresher for me. 
I figured I should take some refresher math courses since I'm looking to teach math. 

I thought these classes would be quick and really easy...
Since I already know the stuff. 
I mean, really, what more can I learn???? 
Well...silly me. 
I guess I forgot how much the world has changed since I last took an algebra class. 
Yes, it has!!! 
I have resisted entering the techno math world for many years. 
I worked for seven years in a job which required me to do complex calculations...
And I resisted plopping down the money for one of those fancy calculators. 
You know, the ones that speak foreign languages and serve you up a drink ;-)
Did I really need one????
After all, we weren't even allowed to use calculators (of any kind) when I was in school!! 
Did I really need one of those uber-fancy ones????
I found all those buttons very daunting. 
Plus, I shall I word this....CHEAP!  LOL!
So, my little trusty TI-30X worked just fine for me....
Until now. 
I realized that since high school (and some junior high school) students are required to have a fancy calculator for classes that I too should have one. 
Oh, and learn how to use it. 
And you know what.....
It wasn't as daunting as I thought.
In fact, it wasn't daunting at all!
And now I am wondering how I lived without it.
I guess it goes to show that even an oldie can learn something new....
And maybe even be a techie..... 

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Pammy Sue said...

Well, I'm impressed. Math is not my forte. I'm skeered of it. It makes me run screaming from the room if I have to actually calculate anything. Ha-ha. I admire you for tackling something so difficult for most (school and/or math).