Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Life Throws You a Curveball.....

I am a blog reader. 
I admit it. 
My husband does not understand it. 
But that's another mystery for him to figure out...

My preference of blogs is wide and varied. 
I like creative blogs. 
I like food blogs. 
I like crossword blogs. 
I looooove humorous blogs. 
I love to laugh so if you have a sense of humor I'm usually hooked (no pun intended!). 
Not real fond of political blogs (Although they make me laugh sometimes too). 
Probably my favorite blogs are those by very good writers. 
I really wish that I could write as well as many of these bloggers. 
Lately my very favorite blog is this one.....

         Teetering.....on the Edge of a Glass Half Full

I learned about this blog through one of my Facebook "like" pages. 
And ever since I found it I have been totally absorbed. 
The blog author is one of those people who has been thrown one of life's worst curveballs..
One that most of us can only imagine....
And never ever would wish on even our worst enemy. 
Her young and very healthy husband died. 
Suddenly, and unexpectedly. 
I have never met the author.
Nor had I ever met her husband....
Even though he and I walked the same halls for many years.
And wore the same uniform....
And the same patch on our shoulder.
I remember the day he died. 
In a police department, news of this nature spreads like wildfire and affects each of us personally. 
Even if we don't know the doesn't matter. 
They are still family.  And there is still an emptiness. 
However, it is nowhere near the emptiness that a wife, a child, or a parent feels. 
This blog captures that and then some. 
This young woman captures with humor, humility, and sadness all the struggles and awakenings this new path has laid out for her.  She does it in a way that is so vivid and wonderful. 
She really is an amazing writer. 
And it is an amazing blog.....I highly recommend a visit there. 

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