Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yearning for Fall

Yeah Yeah.  I know.  It's June. 
Could I really be looking forward to fall already? 
Truth be told I've been looking forward to fall since mid-May. 
I do this every year.
Probably because of my dread of the next few months of 105+ temps. 
It's the big downfall of living in Arizona.
The scorching summers. 
I hate them. 
So I try to look at it all in a positive light. 
The positive is...that after summer, is fall.  
My favorite season. 
And I guess that I may have, on some subconscious level, been channeling that feeling in my most recent crochet project. 
Because it screams fall. 
What do you think?????

And just to show I'm really looking next project is going to be Christmas-y. 
Hey, it may be some months away but a girl can dream, can't she?


Pammy Sue said...

Okay, Wendy...spill it! Who is it that closed their blog?

Nice blanket, by the way! I love grannies of any kind. Your dog cracks me up. He looks comfy. Hee-hee

Gay Denesse said...

Yes, I also live for the coming of fall. I'm in New Orleans. We get to experience high humidity on top of the heat. Kind of like a sauna.

Marla said...

OOOOH PRETTY AFGHAN!!! Just found your blog and went to take a look-really like what I see so far. Very nice crochet work!

Eileen said...

Your afghan is gorgeous! Lovely colors. Have a great day!