Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Love the Smell of Rain (and Dust) in the Evening.....

Every place that I have lived has had some meterological (sp?) or geographical anomaly.

I grew up in Southern California so that meant I grew up with earthquakes.

I lived in Arkansas for three years. Tornados!! Yikes!! Scary stuff.....

I lived in Utah for two years. Nothing like digging your vehicle out of eight foot snow drifts. Oh....and I was lucky enough to live there during one of the colder years. California girls just don't do well in 10 degree temps.

And now.....for the past 24 years I've lived in Arizona. Roughly nine months out of the year it is beautiful. But the other three months.....well.... it can be hell. Literally. There was one June where we topped out at 122 (luckily I was working the graveyard shift!). I've grown to hate 110 degree heat but I deal with it because the other nine months of the year make it so worth it. Our major meterological problem is the summer monsoon. Totally hot during the day and then the monster storms roll in. It can be kind of refreshing to get some rain to cool things down but there are some areas that usually get hit hard every year. Wind damage, floods, power outages, etc.

We have managed to avoid any major problems....until this year. Well, until three days ago to be exact. We got hit hard on Sunday and did my son's vehicle which is parked in our driveway while he is away. This is what it looked like shortly after the storm blew thru.......
Of course I had to promptly post it on Facebook which I'm sure nearly cause him a heart attack!! The good news is there was no damage to the vehicle. The bad news was my husband had a big mess to clean up. I'm glad he's put himself in charge of the "outside stuff"=D. We no longer have a big tree in our yard. I'm pretty sure my son would be glad to hear this since there is another storm brewing outside this evening.
But then there is that outside that the neighbors tree could uproot and fly towards our house. Ooops....I think I'll go knock on wood right now!!!!!

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