Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freedom Is Not Free

I am one of those people who is always in awe of the sacrifices of others....particularly the men and women in the military. I like watching military movies like Blackhawk Down and Saving Private Ryan because, although they are graphic in nature and very difficult to watch, I am reminded of the ultimate sacrifice made by many young men in the 225+ years of the existence of our country.....and I am reminded that freedom is not free.

I say all this because today as I was perusing the blogosphere visiting some of my favorite blogs I came across another reminder of this very thing. One of my favorite blogs to visit is Stephanie Howell's blog. I love her scrapbook pages and her penchant for awesome flea market finds. She has two of the cutest little girls....and she has a husband who is serving in Afghanistan.

The past couple of days NBC News has featured footage of her husband's squadron. It is both graphic and heart wrenching. She has posted both feature stories on her blog. The features show what the men of this company face and the conditions they live in. They also show their heroism.

I am truly grateful for these men and for families like Stephanie's who must also endure this hardship in service for our nation. Thank you.

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