Sunday, October 7, 2012


Yes.  It is now seven days into the month and I am finally blogging.
About the month of October.
In most places around the country October means the leaves have changed color and there is the first bite of a frost in the air.
In Arizona it means that the thermometer might finally dip below 100, and I put an emphasis on the word "might".
There have been some years where we were almost three weeks into October before we saw the end of 100 degree days.   Not fun.

The truth is, October is my favorite month of the year.
Not because I particularly am fond of Halloween.
But because the promise of cooler days is not that far off.
Because the best baseball is played in October.
Because I can start Christmas shopping and not feel too terribly guilty.
Because I love the smell of pumpkin everywhere.
And it's just so October-ish!  I wish I could describe the feeling more eloquently but I can't.
Plus, here in Casa de Z, October is also known as "birthday-palooza"
It is a month chalk full of birthdays....well, except for mine.
Everyone else in my immediate family has a birthday this month.
So, it means a lot of birthday cake (or cupcakes), a lot of dinners out, and a lot of celebrating!

And Happy October!

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