Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Plethora of Projects

I often wonder how many people out there are just like me. 
I wonder how many kindred spirits there are.
Those souls who, like myself, have unfinished projects lying around everywhere. 
I guess I get bored easily....
Or maybe I like to multi-task!
I'm sure I drive my husband crazy. 
Not that I worry too much about that!  

And the projects currently  in progress? 
Well here are a few.

There is this blanket.....

I photographed this outside because the colors just did not show up that well at all in the photos I took inside.  This is coming along.....slowly. 

Then there are the flowers......

Flowers are popping up everywhere on the internet lately.  So I decided to join in.  This is going to be a scarf/wrap.  I'm using Caron Simply Soft yarn.  It is wonderful for a project like this. 

Then there is this big colossal project....

I love cross stitching samplers but man, is it ever time consuming!!!!   This project here is roughly four months in the making.....And it's not even close to done!   I love to do cross stitch and needlepoint but it is a slow process. 

So there they are.   My projects.   Well there are a couple of others and roughly a thousand or more swirling around in my head!! 

So what is everyone else working on?


The Craft Attic said...

I know I am guilty of many projects on the go too!! I see so many lovely things and think - Ooo I'll have a go at that. I've got a pair of socks I have been working on for 6 months, probably more than that!! but I have lost the bit of paper I was keeping a note of where I was so I guess I will have to end up unpicking the sock i have started!! socks just take a long time :-(
Just finished a cushion I was working on so feeling quiet please something has been finished!! So you would think I would now tackle the unfinshed socks!! No I have just started a blanket!! ha ha LOL

Nicole said...

Hi Wendy!Thanks for stopping by :) We share the same problem. I'm not going to list all my ongoing projects ( I wouldn't want my comment to be longer then your post) hahaha.. I have one almost finished slipper that will prolly never have a mate..poor lonely little guy..2 bags on the American Flag blanket (on my lap as we speak)..a star blanket, ripple blanket..well a few of those..I think you get the idea. lol
I love your blanket..both of them, the one on the go and the granny you just finished a few a posts back. I look forward to playing catch up on your page..your posts are written beautifully:) take care!