Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ruby Slippers

For the past few months I have been eyeing a very cute pair
of red Born flats. I debated whether to get them or not but
for a long time it was a matter of the "need" over "want thing.

Well a couple of things happened as fate would have it.
First, there were a few extra bucks in the household kitty
so we went shopping. He got a 55" HD LED TV and I got a
pair of shoes. Hmmmm......Well, anyways, the second thing
is that I got a smoking deal on the shoes!!! A double bonus.

So I bring the shoes home and show them to the husband and he
says....."Yeah, great shoes there, Dorothy."  Here they are for the
inspection of everyone in blogland.  I took a photo of them
a la Lucy (see Attic 24) with a crochet project to enhance them
even more. 

Um....yeah, the ruby slipper correlation did not occur to me when
I bought them.  But I don't care....I still love them even if I do look
like a dork wearing them.  That didn't keep me from wearing them to
work yesterday.  And as I was preparing to leave, my husband
reminded me....."If I was having a bad day, just click my heels and
wish I was home." 

I don't think he realizes that I do that everyday....even without a pair
of red shoes on!

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