Friday, October 26, 2007

I So Would Have Said Yes

There we are......
It's a Thursday night. We're sitting on the couch.
Taking in our weekly guilty pleasures on TV.
I'm watching the screen and suddenly feel the need to hold my breath.....
There he is on my non hi-def big old screen saying the words I have been waiting for.....
"I want to marry you.....I want to build a house with you.....I want to have kids with you."
She just stares at him like he asked her to do something really absurb......swim with sharks
or eat worms or something else really far fetched.
I think.....I would so say yes to this guy.....what is she thinking.....
Actually I don't just think it. I say it out loud.
On the couch next to me sits the guy with whom I've spent the last 24 yrs.
He sits up straight and gives me a shocked look.

"Oh, honey, I meant if I were single.....i would so go for it."

"Good, 'cuz I'd be taking half of your retirement and you would be poor!"

"No I wouldn't. I would actually be rich. He is, after all, a brain surgeon."

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